1. All proceeds will go to the production of this documentary in the different languages and the distribution of the message into many nations.

  2. To download the clips, select the file format of your choice, right-click and choose "Save Link As". Please note that the download times may vary depending on your internet speed.
    For your reference, the file size are as follows:
    English wmv file - 562MB

    Mandarin wmv file - 559MB
    English mp4 file - 442MB
    English mkv file - 479MB
    * A rough calculation is as follows:
      600MB at 1Mbps = 1.5 hours
      600MB at 100kbps = 13.5 hours

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* Video resolution for the download files are:
wmv files - 720X576; mp4 and mkv files - 1280X720


English Version:

Richard E. Broadberry | wmv | mp4 | mkv
David W. Searle | wmv | mp4 | mkv
Reggie Lee | wmv | mp4 | mkv
David Ong | wmv | mp4 | mkv
Kelvin Soh | wmv | mp4 | mkv
Lawrence Chin | wmv | mp4 | mkv
Michael Lee | wmv | mp4 | mkv
Thomas Chin | wmv | mp4 | mkv
Wendy Lim | wmv | mp4 | mkv