Donate to the Cause

Thank you for your interest in this project. Your donations will contribute to the production of the documentary in various languages and dialects, and to share the message into many nations. God bless your generous heart.

There are two methods for options in giving. Firstly, with Paypal or credit card via the Paypal portal or secondly by bank transfer.

If you choose to use Paypal and are not a registered member, do not worry, it is very easy and you only have to input your credit card details once to register and be able to complete your transaction.

Should you choose to give through bank transfer, the details are below:
Account Name: Pot Bless Productions
Account Number: 07120003344053
* Please note down "WatCh Donation" under Description of Transaction when you carry out the online bank transfer.

For enquiries, contact us here.

Follow the link below to download the bonus clips.