About the Project

Reggie Lee

A licensed minister based in UK, Reggie is also an author of several books and a cultural researcher. This film is a result of a 10-year research into the past of the Chinese. Believing that many Chinese have lost an understanding of their illustrious history and deep rooted culture, he attempts to bring this alive through a film tracing the early roots of the Chinese to the present day.

Story Behind the Film

by Reggie Lee

In the year 2000, I read the scriptures from Acts 17:24-30. These scriptures spoke of the God of heaven who does not live in temples, the creator of all living being, claims by poets of other people groups which spoke of being God’s offspring. This compelled me to question whether the God of the Bible has actually spoke about the Chinese. It gave me the motivation to find out.

After 10 years of research, I came to the conclusion that He indeed spoke in many ways of His presence in the history of the Chinese. Plans for the filming was put forth in 2009 but the actual work began in late 2010 after meeting a long time friend who recommended LiveWire to be in this project. Finally in January 2011, filming began during Chinese New Year. After which a team of 5 persons flew to China and filmed in 6 different locations - China, Singapore, London, Paris, Melbourne and Malaysia.

This project is a response to the great commission of Jesus to reach out to all the world with His gospel.